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A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can often mean a lifetime of disability, economic devastation, loss of independence, personality changes, loss of earning capabilities, loss of memory, and dependence on family and friends for supervision and care.

Brain Injury Attorney

Of all types of injury, a brain injury is the most likely to result in death or permanent disability. Government estimates of the frequency of brain injury indicate that more than 80,000 Americans a year survive hospitalization. It is estimated that 5.3 million Americans are living today with some brain injury-caused disability.

High risk of brain injury

The risk of having a brain injury is particularly high among adolescents and young adults, as well as persons older than 75 years of age. For young persons, the most likely cause of such an injury is in a vehicle (44 percent).

Falls are a leading cause of brain injury

Among older victims, the leading cause of injury is falls.

Traumatic brain injury can affect cognitive, physical and psychological skills. Physical problems can include walking, balance, coordination, fine motor skills, strength and endurance. Cognitive problems include impaired language and communication skills, inability to process information, memory compromise, absence of executive function, and perception impairment, which are all common residuals. Emotionally, many TBI victims require extensive psychological and/or psychiatric counseling as part of their rehabilitation.

Traumatic brain injuries can have lasting consequences

Our lawyers understand that a TBI has lasting consequences. We know that many victims require future care, including attendant care. Our attorneys investigate the extent and nature of future medical bills, and whether rehabilitation and retraining can restore the victim to a former career and lifestyle.

Evaluating a brain injury

Our economic consultants and life care planners evaluate the ability of a victim to be retrained or returned to the workforce. Where the brain injury survivor is a wage earner, our attorneys evaluate the replacement stream of income necessary to make up for lost earning capacity.

Empathatic about your injury -- we understand, and we care

More importantly, our attorneys are empathetic and understanding of the personality changes that often accompany traumatic brain injury and resulting stresses placed on families when TBI strikes. We evaluate the resources that the patient and family require in order to compensate for a victim's loss of cognitive ability, memory and the ability to provide love, companionship and support.

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